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Guest Reviews

Royal Dining Experience

Mike and Mimi

Hello Kristi and Chef Kelly,
I know that Dana sent you our comments but I just wanted to follow up with a little additional feedback. Our dinner that night is one of the highlights of our dining experiences. The meal brought back memories of the first time that we had dinner at the French Laundry. The whole evening was beautifully orchestrated. All the way from the opening with champagne and caviar to the end with dessert and truffles.

The presentation was beyond extraordinary. Each dish was beautiful presented as well a flavorful. We especially enjoyed the chef’s table with the appetizers.  It was fun to see the raw ingredients displayed as a center piece and then to enjoy eating each one as they were prepared and served.  Our dinner was also a work of art.  The quality of the ingredients came thru as was the presentation that brought out the best of each dish.  We love how Chef Kelly thinks outside the box to create incredibly creative dishes.

We felt that we were being treated like a king a queen.  Thank you for everyone involved for giving us an experience that we will never forget.

A Napa Valley Culinary Experience for your Bucket List

Dana & Don
Mission Viejo, CA

If you ever dreamed of having an amazing dining experience in a one of a kind intimate setting, then the Royal Dining Experience at the Ackerman Heritage House in Napa California is a must for you to do. We are planning on doing it again.

My husband and I were going to Napa with friends to celebrate our shared birthday.  The friends we travel with enjoy fine dining like we do, and the four of us have traveled to numerous destinations around the world and have enjoyed some special culinary dining experiences.  In the past, during our many travels to Napa & Sonoma, we have experienced wonderful meals, but we wanted something different for this trip in celebration of our birthdays.

In my research, I learned that Lauren Ackerman of Ackerman Family Vineyards (who by the way we are familiar with their outstanding cabernet sauvignon wines) bought an old Victorian House located at 608 Randolph Street in Napa, and over the last few years, she completely renovated the house to its original stature as well as using authentic antique furnishings and fixtures from that era to remodel the house.  She wanted the Heritage House to be used as a special event dining experience as well as the adjacent remodeled carriage house for their new location of the Ackerman Family Vineyards Tasting Room. 

I called the Ackerman Family Vineyards and I talked with Lauren Ackerman and explained to her what I was looking for in a fine dining and wine pairing experience.   She was going to have her Marketing Manager, Kristie Fondario, contact me to go over all the details of my vision. Within the same day, Kristie emailed me, and she completely captivated me with what they could do for us.  They coordinated every detail of our (4) four-hour dining event.

In one word the evening was “perfection” from beginning to the end.  When we arrived, we were met at the door by Kristie, who escorted us into the most breathtaking vintage home you could imagine.  Waiting for us in the living room, was a server with glasses of champagne.  Then a few minutes later, Lauren Ackerman came in and welcomed us and then gave us a personal guided tour from top to bottom of the Ackerman Heritage House.  It was a surreal experience, like visiting the past in all its glory. There is so much to see, like going to a museum.

When we proceeded to the kitchen we met the well-known Napa Chef Kelly who designed our menu and would be cooking for us that evening.   We were escorted to the Chef’s table in the kitchen which was decorated with fresh produce from Chef Kelly’s organic garden and glasses of wine at each place setting where we were going to start our 4 Course Appetizer tasting.  Take your camera, because the place settings were beautiful, and you will want to take pictures of the food and the plating of the food you will be served.  Chef Kelly talked with us while he cooked, and being foodies, we asked questions, and learned some trade secrets too.  His talent as a Chef, and his outgoing personality made our dining experience one of the best we ever had.  After our appetizers, we were moved into the formal dining room where once again the table decorations and place settings were exquisite. We were served four separate main courses, and enjoyed having Chef Kelly, as he did for the appetizer courses, explain each course to us and the ingredients he used to highlight the fabulous wines of Ackerman Family Vineyards.

Words to describe our unique dining experience…

Chef knows how to explode your taste buds with the most amazing food he personally prepares for you.
Thoughtful and caring attitude of the entire staff, and so fun to be around them.

A True Napa Gem

Trip Advisor

Lauren Ackerman has created THE bespoke wine and history experience in Napa! Ackerman Heritage House is the perfect backdrop for the outstanding family wines. This is a must stop for the sophisticated history buff... Read more →

99th Birthday Tea

Trip Advisor

Just celebrated mom's 99th birthday with Tea at Ackerman Heritage House! Kristie, Molly and the entire crew created a fabulous and memorable experience! No detail was overlooked, from the personalized menus to the spectacular birthday cake... Read more →

Food and Wine Pairing Experience

Guests of Beau Wine Tours

Lunch with Chef Kelly was fantastic and would recommend highly.

Mrs. Ackerman and Kristie were great hosts. Chef was very engaging and cooked a wonderful Meal with us in the kitchen. He's very passionate about farm to table bringing several local ingredients from his own property. It was coupled with great wine pairing - including 2006 Cab. ! Finished the trip off on a very high note.

The Highlight of our Trip

Longwood, FL

We greatly enjoyed our visit! Thank you for being our gracious host. Dinner by Chef Walter was amazing, and the Ackerman Heritage house was incredible. I can tell it is a labor of love for Lauren. She has done an amazing job with the restoration, furnishings, and putting the whole experience together. Joe was a veritable knowledgebase of the entire property. The level of attention to detail would make many museums jealous. We appreciate the time and effort you all spent to entertain us and share your great wines. We hope to see you all again the next time we are in the valley.

It was by far the highlight of our trip.